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Char Wenc

I thank you again for giving us such a beautiful and inspiring speech last Saturday at Loyola's downtown campus. It's the best seminar I've ever attended.

You are the fifth person I have wanted to search via the Internet to know more. The first four are: Adam Sandler, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and President Obama.

- Seminar Student from China

Rave Reviews

"Char is without a doubt the most dynamic, engaging speaker I've ever had the pleasure to hear speak! Never have I attended a talk where not one member of the audience left to use the restroom or even checked their cellphone. Amazing!"

- CPE Capstone Conference Attendee

"It was wonderful to meet you! Your energy was felt throughout the meeting. I am receiving many positive reviews on how people will use their new skills. In fact we started using the skills in the subsequent two days of the meeting. Thank you for your hard work and flexibility to our needs. I look forward to the next time we meet!"

- Ha Nguyen

"I wanted to thank you for your valued advice and support during last week’s CPE Capstone at the AAPL Fall Institute. I hope to make use of the valuable communication skills you taught me…"

- Joel G. Caschette, MD

"I am writing to give you your feedback from the CPE candidate survey that was emailed to the candidates after the program in Chicago... Char, you really engaged the audience and their comments express that beautifully!"

- Robert Hodge MD

"As we discussed, you had the most difficult job last weekend. It was the last day of the conference, all attendees we departing at 11am and our group was kicking off their leadership program that spanned the entire day. The whole day was awesome, you kept the group engaged at all times and gave them tools that they can use immediately. I received nothing but positive feedback... You have a gift of being able to deliver the important content you presented in a understandable, engaging way.

- Jim Mermigas - Allied Heathcare

"We got such positive feedback about the sessions you delivered and I have to agree with all of them! You really provided a great atmosphere and delivered a topic that set the tone for the rest of the program perfectly."

- Janice Baker - Vice President, Human Resources
Sheridan Health Care - Allied Heathcare

"Thank you so much for you note. Char the pleasure was all mine. I received wonderful feedback from your mini clinics and am grateful for your participation!"

- Josephine Sollano

"Thank you so much for your inspiring words and delightful personality at the CPE Capstone this weekend. You really do make me believe I can make a difference and make others happy while doing it!"

- Marc S. Rovner - MD, MMM, CPE 2B

"You rock Char! Our team left today energized and motivated to place your ideas into action. You were perfect!"

- Taketa International

"Your presentation was fabulous. People love what you have to say and the way you delivered it was outstanding. I do not recall having such glowing comments for a keynote speaker for a long time. Thank you for setting the tone for the entire event."

- Ed Zebus - Parent University

"You did a wonderful job, the feedback was super. I'll promote you anytime."

- Julie McNamara - Education Commitee

"The best parenting seminar I've been to yet."

- Educators Service Network

"Your presentation played to rave reviews!"

- Illinois Principal Association

"I would like to thank you for the encouraging and insightful talk. I appreciated your warm and humorous style."

- Janine Milerdose - Springbrook School

"Hearing Char Wenc's speech came at an ideal time in my life. I got more out of her 45 minute seminar than I've gotten out of over a year's worth of counseling for one of my children. She was terrific!"

- Parent - Winfield, Illinois

"Char Wenc is absolutely the best! Practical, useful and uplifting!"

- Parent University

"Great Job with key points made in an extremely tight and polished and efficient manner - you have no idea how rare this quality is."

- Downers Grove University

"Your keynote address was just what we wanted - great information presented in an entertaining way. You truly "show up" with so much style, commitment and warmth. What a delight to work with you."

- Dina Emser - Blooming Grove Academy

"You graced us with a wonderful presentation. The staff praised you for weeks. We look forward to your visit at St. Isidore in the fall of next year."

- Donna Dunovsky - RE Coordinator

"Thank you for coming to McDonald's to share your wisdom and humor. There have been many requests to bring you back. Once was not enough!"

- McDonald's Corporation

"Our leaders were thrilled with you and your information."

- Girl Scouts of DuPage County Councils

"What a refreshing, uplifting yet challenging program you provided for the Champion Connection. The combination of activities and challenge that you provided hit home with every student in the audience. We are grateful to you for your commitment to young people."

- Judy Dagenais - Lisle, Illinois

"Your genuine spirit and articulate wisdom was certainly appreciated by your audience. Thanks for partnering with us in helping to create healthy communities."

- Judy Leach, Adventist Health System

"You are by far one of the most interesting and engaging speakers I have had the pleasure to hear in a long time. Your ability to capture and hold the interest of your audience is evident by the number of people who left happy, inspired, and anxious to go home and "hug" their kids!"

- DuPage Children's Museum


Char Wenc

Thank you so much for you note. Char the pleasure was all mine. I received wonderful feedback from your mini clinics and am grateful for your participation!

Josephine Sollano